Class Descriptions


Beginning Ages 3 & 4

Ballet/Tap: In this class, students will begin to learn the basic foundations of ballet and tap in fun and exciting ways!  Students will have the opportunity to use props and experience creative movement games that help to grow their confidence and coordination skills.  They will be exposed to a variety of genre of music and be taught the correct terminology for steps, although memorizing this terminology is not a requirement.  You may find us doing a princess dance with wands, or lying on the floor as we “bop ’til we drop”!  All the while, students will always be encouraged to dance with joy in their hearts!


Mini Ages 5 & 6

Ballet/Tap: In this class, we will continue adding to the vocabulary of correct ballet and tap terminology, but still learning through fun songs, games, props, and creative movement.  Students will begin learning the beginnings of barre work and be encouraged to improvise.  More focus will be given on rhythm and steady beat than in the previous class, as we continue to grow these beautiful dancers!


Ballet Classes

Beginning Ballet:

Ballet I: 

Ballet II: 

Ballet III:


Tap Classes

Beginning Tap: 

Tap I:

Tap II: 

Tap III: This class is for experienced tappers who love to be challenged!  Students will learn different styles of tap, using both jazz taps and character shoe taps.  Students will gain confidence improvising in taps and learn fun choreography to a wide variety of music throughout the year.  The class will also focus on strengthening the ankles and learning some of the tricks to fast tapping and complicated rhythms! (instructor approval required)


Jazz Classes

Beginning Jazz:

Jazz I:

Jazz II: 


Pom Classes

Pom: In this class, students will strenghten their knowledge and skill level of basic pom placement and movement with incorporated jazz technique.  Students will learn to perform combinations and routines traditionally performed as sideline dances and halftime routines.  This class will be offered competition and showcase opportunities throughout the season.


Hip Hop Classes

Hip Hop I: 

Hip Hop II: (instructor approval required)


Lyrical & Contemporary

Lyrical I: Students will be introduced to the beauty and fluidity of lyrical, learn to find the story in a song’s lyrics, and learn to tell that story through movement.  Students will be led through a fluid warm-up, work on exercises across the floor to strengthen technique, and learn combinations center floor. Students will be challenged to begin feeling music with their heart and using that heart to fill each moment with movement.

Lyrical II: Students will be encouraged to search deeper into the lyrical meaning of songs and find ways to express that through individual movement.  Class will consist of a fluid warm-up, center floor and across the floor exercises to strenghten technique, and varied combinations throughout the year.  Students will have regular opportunities to choreograph and improv in order to express their personal interpretation and emotion. (instructor approval required)




**Being a part of our adult dance classes is more than just coming together once a week to dance.  We become a family who laughs, cries, prays, worships, and celebrates together.  Dance initially brings us together, but we truly believe it’s the fellowship and love that keeps us together.  We love our adult dancers and hope you will consider joining us!!

Ballet/Lyrical I: This is truly a beginning class, and truly an adult only class.  Students will begin every class with a time of stretching.  The next steps are learning barre technique and center floor work as students grow strength and confidence in their balance.  Correct ballet terms are always used, but not required to be memorized.  As the basic steps are learned, either at the barre or across the floor, students will be able to participate in “just for fun” choreography as they put the steps they have learned together!  Come feel a little of what it is like to be a real ballet dancer!

Ballet/Lyrical II: This is truly an adult only class for those who have previous ballet experience.  Students will be challenged to focus on specific technique to increase overall strength, flexibility, posture, balance, and grace.  Students will participate in barre, center floor, and across the floor exercises, and will finish with a barre stretch and reverence at the end of each class.

Beginning Tap: This is truly a beginning class, and truly an adult only class.  Students will learn the basic building blocks of tapping through exercises and “just for fun” choreography.  The pace of the class usually depends on the students and how much/how fast they desire to learn!  Tap is a great and extremely fun way to exercise!  Come explore your inner “Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers” in this low pressure, fun, easy-going environment!

Jazz II: This is truly an adult only class and designed for students with some dance experience.  Students will be led through a warm-up and work on jazz technique through across the floor and center floor exercises.  Students will also learn combinations throughout the season with an optional performance piece at the end of the year.  Join us for a fun-filled class that will lift your spirits and make you sweat too!